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Investigative group reveals multiple Chinese 'police stations' operating in US

An investigative group has revealed that several Chinese "police stations" are currently operating across cities in the United States.

"Foreign police stations on American soil? Investigative group uncovers alarming truth."

An investigative group has revealed that several Chinese "police stations" are currently operating across cities in the United States. The group was able to expose these alleged police stations after two people were arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) earlier this week for connections with one of these foreign operations. According to reports, it is still unclear how many of these secret Chinese "police stations" exist at each location.

Speculations about further Chinese police stations emerged after the arrests of two New York men who had been charged with “establishing and running the first overseas police station” in the US while conspiring to act as agents of the Chinese government. Latest reports reveal that Safeguard Defenders, an advocacy group based in Madrid, have exposed six additional Chinese police stations in different parts of the country. Aside from identifying locations in New York City’s Chinatown, San Francisco, Houston, Nebraska, and Minnesota, the report reveals some of the activities conducted by these 'overseas service stations.'

These police stations are run covertly by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which is responsible for conducting surveillance on Chinese citizens all around the world. In-depth scrutinization showed that the CCP's activities included locating Chinese dissidents living outside of China, among other things. A spokesperson referred to the United Front Work Department (UFWD), a department within the CCP, indicating that it may be connected to these criminal operations.

Safeguard Defenders previously reported on this issue, raising concerns about over 100 such underground Chinese "overseas service stations" operating globally. Their recent revelation comes after last year's report highlighting collusion between UFWD and NGOs funded by foreign governments. The investigations led to accusations that some entities at the forefront of global human rights activism were secretly under China's control.

Officials say that these allegations emerge amid rising tensions between the US and China, with concerns raised concerning individual freedoms in China and threats to international human rights. The US has accused China of spying on its citizens through the CCP, which it views as a breach of sovereignty and cybersecurity.

Efforts are being made by advocacy groups, officials, and other organizations to clamp down on these illegal activities, with some pointing out that American universities may have inadvertently supported this operation by accepting financial grants from companies linked to UFWD. More investigations containing additional details will be released soon.